Saturday, 19 October 2013

The various Navigation/keyboard shortcuts you should know

Navigation is one of the major tasks involved in browsing. It involves the movements you make  from one place to another within a webpage , from one web page to another in the same website or  from one website to another. Below are some of the keyboard shortcuts :

ACTIONS [ On keyboard ]                                         FUNCTIONS

F5                                                                                To refresh or reload the current webpage        

F6  [ long press ]                                                         To activate the address in the address bar to load                                                                                      faster.

ALT + Tab                                                                   To quickly move to the next application  or next                                                                                      explorer window.

Ctrl + H                                                                       To view the browser’s history; showing all the                                                                                      sites that have been visited from the  current                                                                                            day back to previous week if not deleted from                                                                                         history.

Ctrl + W                                                                       To close the current browser window .

Ctrl + A                                                                        To highlight all texts or object on a page.

Ctrl + P                                                                         To print a document .

Ctrl + F                                                                         To find an existing word on the current page.

Ctrl + T                                                                         To open another browser window on the same                                                                                         page [ mostly for Mozilla browser and some                                                                                             version of Explorer ].

Ctrl + Enter                                                                   To add ‘ www. ‘ and ‘.com ‘ at the beginning                                                                                            and ending of a word [ a domain name ].                                                                          

Ctrl + Z                                                                         To undo an action.

Ctrl + Y                                                                         To redo an action.

Alt + F                                                                           To open the file menu.

Alt + E                                                                           To open the edit menu.

Ctrl + X                                                                          To cut highlighted text or objects.

Ctrl + C                                                                          To copy an object or text
Ctrl + V                                                                          To paste a copied or cut text or object
Ctrl + B                                                                          To bolden a typed  and highlighted text

Ctrl + U                                                                          To Underline a typed an highlighted text.

Ctrl + I                                                                            To Itilize a typed and highlighted text.

Delete                                                                             (1) To erase a highlighted text or object at   once.                                                                                                               (2) To erase texts one after the other when the                                                                                                                      cursor is placed at the front of the texts.

Backspace                                                                           (1) To erase texts one after the other when the                                                                                                    cursor appears at the back of thetexts.                                                                                             (2) Press once to move topreviouslyvisited web

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