Wednesday, 23 October 2013

How to make money via Consultancy & Agency programm online

This kind  of Internet business is just like the normal consultancy/Agency businesses. This kind of business depends on your area of expertise. What you need to do is to advertise your services both online and offline . For Instance , someone like  myself who run some online businesses like : credit card processing , online business solution , etc , I will simply go online to advertise my services to people and those who need my service will contact me through my website , email or phone . Ireceive jobs from them and process it and deliver it to its owner while the agreed charge is paid to my account . It is more easier to run a consultancy/Agency programs on the internet than on the ground .
You may be a consultant with an online travel and shipping company in the US or even an online job or employment agent. Just go ahead to advertise yourself and in no time jobs and businesses will start coming in. You can use handbills and postals to advertise your service offline while you advertise online through Google , yahoo , msn ,etc.
There are  some ways you can advertise yourself free of charge on the net :
·         Go to a chatroom for business and talk to your room mates about your services.
·         Join a forum online where you can post some hints about your services for others in the forum to read. There are so many forum websites on friendship, relationship, business, software & programming solutions, etc. Use google to search for forum websites.
·         Go to yahoo answer page  and ask a question to find out who needs such services you run
You will need a personal website to effectively run a consultancy/agency program. The website is your online office. You command more trusts and respects when you have a website.
This is the most common way of running business on the Internet. In this case, you already have products you are marketing in your shop , store , or company . Now you go get a web site with which you can display your products on the net. Your websites’s content needs to be very attractive to attract visitors to want to patronize you after bouncing on your site through search.
Visitors make orders on your products they are interested in ; they make payments through credit card while you post or ship the product to their destination address. You have to confirm the payment before shipping . Most people add shipment  or postage costs to the price of their products displayed in the website , so that buyers won’t have to pay extra for shipment.

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