Wednesday, 9 October 2013

The bitter truith for all Ladies !!!!!!!! A must read

No woman will allow  her man to cheat on her but most women would not mind dating a  man that is married or a guy who is engage i.e in a serious relationship, they would not mind seperating eachother apart, they would not even bother to ask this  "Are you in a serious relationship or married"? , "why did she break up with you or why did you break up with her"?, "will you take her (your g.f/wife) back if she comes back"?, "are you still in love with (your girl) her"?, "how long did you guys date" amongst other questions just so the lady would know if her heart will be in safe hands and what to expect from him in order not to be a victim of relationship of hit and run, but Hell No, most ladies do not care, they just want to go into  a relationship, they just want to get married ASAP, they want a man to call their own, it doesn't matter if he is in a serious relationship or married or if he is into a relationship

The logical question we should ask  is how can men relinquish cheating on us while we are the ones giving them the license and encouraging them to do so? There are women who do not know how to turn down a man's relationship request, to them anything goes so long he can satisfy her financially, emotionally and sexually, we can not eat our cake and have it, (et le sourire de la crémière), if you don't see anything wrong with dating another woman's husband or boyfriend then don't expect your man to be faithful to you in a relationship or marriage as the law of karma will always check up on you.

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