Wednesday, 23 October 2013

How to make money through Multi- level Marketing

As the name implies , multi-level marketing is a system of marketing where an individual builds a residual streams of income by  recruiting other individual to join the business team. The recruited individuals form a tree-like structure. The original leader receives commission on his personal sales and some percentage commission on his recruited members sales. The idea is that the more you recruit new members , the more your commission on each individual’s sales. For the cycle to continue , those recruited members also need to raise their own members in order to build their own tree and income level. You , the first leader in your tree also receives some commission on your members’ descendants’ sales. Everyone’s promotion depends on the number of people he is able to recruit to the business and the number of people those recruited ones are able to recruit to join the business also , and the chain continues.
In such marketing system , your level grows to an extent that you start receiving fixed salary and commissions. You don’t need to make sales again because your descendants will have given birth to more descendants that will be able to stabilize your salary level and commissions. At such level you become a coach. You start organizing seminars for training your descendants and their descendants and so on.
One of the most popularly known organizations that operate MLM  very well is the GNLD market nutritional products. If you are good at customer relationship , you will in no time climb very high the ladder in the business. There are much MLM companies online than this terrestrial world. You don’t have to be a good marketer before joining such organizations. They normally have training materials  to enable you run the business successfully . even the unschooled can run such business.You can search through google for various website that run MLM programs. NOTE : Be wise in your selection because there are some fraudsters online.

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