Tuesday, 22 October 2013

An overview on Affiliate Marketing

This kind of marketing involves the marketing of goods and services owned by  another or company. You [ the affiliate marketer ] register or sign up with the company as an affiliate , you then go- ahead to advertise the company’s products using your website or a sub site given you by the company. When  customers buy any product through you [ the affiliate marketer ] , you get a commission on the sales made. The more customers or visitors you are able to advertise to , the more the chances of sales and the more your commission.
In some affiliate programs you will need to have a personal website to display the adverts of the company you are marketing for. The company normally will give you link to use in your advert so that when a visitor or customer clicks the link from your website the company’s website will be opened , and through the link the company will be able to know you are the one that directed the customer to the site. If the customer purchases any product you will be paid the agreed commission.
On the other hand , you will be given a sub site in the company’s website and the link to that sub site  will be given to you. Your customers can have access to the company’s products through the sub site [ a site inside a main website with the same look ].
You can sign up with Google and other advertising sites in order to direct high traffic of visitors and customers to your site. As you know you pay to advertise.
With affiliate marketing , you don’t bother yourself on what product to market. You just go ahead to market as many products the company has. You can register with as many websites that have affiliate programs. You can as well do much offline advertisement by the use of Handbills, Postals , Newspaper/Magazines, Television, Radio ,etc.
One of the best places [ websites] where you can affiliate programs is the CLICKBANK .Log on to www.clickbank.com. Sign up with them and go to their ‘’market place ‘’,  here you will get thousands of affiliate websites. With click bank , your account is secure. Click bank pays you into your ckick bank’s account when you make sales with any of the affiliate websites. When your account gets to a withdrawable level , you can cash it .
Below is a list of some websites that offer affiliate programs :
·         www.clickbank.com
·         www.888.com
·         www.forex.affiliate.com
·         www.doublingstocks.com
·         www.eurobingo.com
·         www.waverevenue.com
·         www.coprosper.com,etc
Most affiliate programs are free to join since you are needed to help them to make more sales.

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