Friday, 29 November 2013

Comedian AY and Wife celebrate their fifth wedding anniversary

The management of Nairacity blog wishes  Comedian AY and his  Wife a happy 5th wedding anniversary
Here is the twit of Comedian A.Y :
Happy celebration !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Neptune I.C.T Internship Program 2013 job opportunity

Neptune was  established  in 1999 in London and it  has a rich history in delivering mission-critical core systems to the banking and financial services sector. Neptune has the proven experience needed to satisfy the requirements of internationally recognized banking practices  having delivered end-to-end solutions to more than  60 financial services institutions.

Neptune Software  offers individuals that are creative  ,  earning potentials and of sound character  the opportunity to undertake an exciting Internship Program.

Neptune is currently  recruiting for the  below job position :

Job Title: Internship

Job Location: Lagos

Job Description
•    Interns will have the privilege  to work alongside high performers in all areas of work [ *Computer Software Development, Professional Services *etc. ] thereby  gaining exposure to, how business processes work &  interact.
•    Interns will be engaged to work for an [18 ] months' placement.
•    You will undergo orientation &   be given an opportunity to learn on the job.
•    Successful candidate[s] should  be ready to take on tasks  that are challenging and assignments after completing the internship Program.
Qualification for Applicant
•    A university degree certificate with at least Second Class in Computer Science Engineering or any of the Numerate Sciences with a flair for Software Development.
•    Completion of NYSC
•    Must not be more than [30] Years of age.
Job Skills:
•    Must Eager to contribute in a team-oriented environment.
•    Should be able to work creatively and analytically in a problem-solving place [ environment ].      
•     Should be able to learn fast & adapt quickly to a complex and changing environment.
•    Excellent Interpersonal [oral & written] and communication skills.
Job Remuneration
•    Industry norms i.e. Remuneration is in line with the existing rates in the industry.
Closing Date Of Application
10th December, 2013

Method of Applying for job
Interested and qualified candidate[s] should send their applications to:

OJB's first wife may have donated her kidney to him

The first wife of OJB and mother of his oldest children [Mabel Okungbowa ], popularly known as Mamma J donated her kidney to the renowned music producer & musician. What a great thing to do. Kudos to her First wife and I duff my hat to her! The successful kidney transplant took place on October 21st in India and OJB got discharged from the hospital a week later according to source.

OJB and his wife reside in an apartment close to the hospital where he continued to go for his post-operative check ups with his doctors. OJB according to source has been given a clean bill of health and will soon return to Nigeria.

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

GRADUATE Executive Assistant job position at Sunnet Systems Limited

GRADUATE  Executive Assistant  job position at Sunnet Systems Limited
Sunnet Systems &  Datacom Services Limited is an [ ICT ] Information and Communications Technology company established to deliver world class information technology infrastructure, solution design and implementation, first class systems support and service delivery level that is constantly raised to exceed customers’ expectation and satisfaction.
 We are aware of  the effect of globalization on the business environment.Today ,  Businesses  depend on I.C.T infrastructure to remain efficient ,  competitive &  profitable  in their quality of service delivery.
We seek to fill the below job position;

Job Title: Executive Assistant
Job Location: Lagos
Job Responsibilities
•    Production of  information by inputting ,  transcribing , copying  , inputting, editing, retrieving, and transmitting text, data,  graphics and  formatting.
•    Conservation of  executive’s time by  routing , researching and  reading correspondence , drafting letters & documents,  collecting & analyzing information and  initiating telecommunications.
•    Maintaining an   executive’s appointment schedule by planning and scheduling travel, teleconferences , conferences and  meetings.
•    To act on behalf of  the executive by attending meetings in the executive’s absence, To speak for the executive.
•    Welcoming of customers and guests by greeting them on the telephone or in person; directing inquiries or answering.
•    To Maintain the confidence of customers & protects operations by keeping information confidential.
•    Completes projects by assigning tasks to clerical staff; result follow up.
•    Prepare reports via collection and analysis of  information.
•    Information security by completing data base backups.
•    Provision of historical reference by enhancing and utilizing retrieval & filing systems; to record meeting discussions.
•    Technical and professional knowledge maintenance by attending educational workshops, review of professional publications; creation of personal networks; to participate in professional societies.
•    Contributes to effort of team by achieving related results as needed.
•     Quality customer service provision
•    Professional Working  environment
Requirements of Job
•    Excellent Verbal communication , presentation , Administrative Writing Skills & Reporting Skills
•    Travel logistics , Supply Management , Maintenance of equipment  & Scheduling
•    Microsoft Office Skills [ excel , word , PowerPoint ]
•    Organization & Time Management
•    B.Sc  degree in Administration or any related field
•    Experience: Between [ 2-4 ]years
Job Application Closing Date
9th December, 2013.
Method Of job Application
Interested and qualified candidate[s] should:
Click here to apply online

Fan Milk Plc Graduate Technical Admin Graduate Assistant job opportunity

Fan Milk Plc Graduate Technical Admin Graduate Assistant  job opportunity

Fan Milk Plc is a leading producer  & marketer of nutritious  healthy ,  and frozen dairy and safe frozen dairy food products with distribution channels of distribution across  Nigeria. Fan Milk Nigeria Plc  is a  fast growing and a well established food processing industry offering wide range of products.
Fan milk plc is  recruiting to fill the following vacancy  position:

Job Title: Technical Admin Assistant
Job Purpose
•    To Assist the Head of technical services with daily reports from all sections in the department.
•    To Provide admin support to Engineering staff.
•    Maintenance & updating of documents of projects, engineering staff, Equipment.
•    To write down minutes of meeting and circulate it to all concerned.
•    To update all  records of engineering work order [EWO] r and replying all concerned departments of  taken action.
•    To Keep  accurate data of staff with respect to remuneration , uniform and  shift plan.
•    To  Accounts for all payments related to overtime, other allowances & payment vouchers and assist Admin.
•    To facilitate and arrange  travel,  meetings and accommodation etc for Engineering Department.
•    To Maintain Vehicle Log Book of Drivers and compute mileage of vehicles.
•    To Maintain clients database/use of Navision.
•    To Draw-up  meeting Agenda after due consultation
•    To Act in capacity of Maintenance Coordinator on his absent.
Critical  Job Qualifications/Skills Experience
(IPE Factor: Knowledge)
•    Technical Admin Assistant should have any qualified degree or related field.
•    Should have  a minimum of [ 1-2 ] years of relevant experience.
•    Have Administrative skills & be able to work under pressure.
•    Must be responsible , proactive ,  flexible , and depict  an ability to be a self-starter and get the job done.
•    Have learning fast ability.
•    Excellent telephone, writing & communication skills.
•    Proficiency in I.T skills [Ms Outlook, Ms Excel and Ms Word ].
Application Closing Date
9th December, 2013

Method of Application of job
Interested and qualified candidate[s] should:

Click here to apply

Graduate Assistant Executive - Learning and Education at PricewaterhouseCooper (PwC) job opportunity

Graduate Assistant Executive - Learning and Education at PricewaterhouseCooper (PwC)
PricewaterhouseCooper (PwC) is proud to be known at delivering quality service to her clients. Pwc have her people to thank; after all, it is their contributions – the opinion, ideas and unique talents they bring to the team - that make us the business we are. To be among the team is to be part of something special.

PwC  Nigeria is recruiting to fill the job vacancy position of :

Job Title: Assistant Executive - Learning and Education (Internal Firm Services)

Job Reference Number: 125-NIG00035
Job Location: Lagos
Department of Job: Internal Firm Services

The Job Position
This job position supports the unit in various important tasks such as office administration , practice and development. A strong analytical ability, use of initiative and thoroughness will be required of the person in order to achieve the objectives of this position. Further, the position requires Flexibility , significant tact and understanding .

Working relationship is primarily with all the staff of  PwC  in the firm and external client

Job Roles and Responsibilities

            Managing of  staff members continuous education.
•    Measuring  training effectiveness.
•    Management of  new staff members On-boarding.
•    Learning of Management System Administration.
•    Staff professional membership subscription Administration .
•     Professional bodies examination/ membership issues Administration of staff.
Education, Qualifications, Job Skills and knowledge
•    Good first [ 1st ] Degree with preference for  Human Capital and People Development
•    Organizational & planning skills.
•    Excellent  administration multiple projects.
•    Excellent  Verbal/written  skills in comm.
•    Strong skill in numerical management.
•    Sound  skills in computer including the use of Microsoft  word processing packages and the ability to make  use of  software to best effect.
•    At least one  [ 1 ]year experience in education role and learning.
•    A good Experience applicants  working in a professional services firm will be an added advantage.
Personal Attributes
•    Strong orientation of  client service.
•    Ability to deal with difficult situations & people  diplomatically and maturely.
•    Attention to monitoring ability and details.
•    Self motivation , responsiveness Sound judgment and  flexibility.
•    Commitment to team work , self development  and developing effective relationships.
•    Ability  to manage  stress and pressure effectively.
•    Keen interest in organizational development &  learning solutions.
•    Must be able  to meet agreed deadlines  &  deliver with minimal correction.
JOB Application Closing Date
5th December, 2013

Method of Application
Interested and qualified candidate[s] should

Android application that will change your voice

One of the advantages of using an Android Phone is that you can install any Application of your choice. For this post, we will lecture you by explain to you on some simple application that you will download and install on your android phone device that can change your voice to the opposite gender [i.e. from a Male voice to a Female voice and vice versa].

There are two applications  that works almost the same which includes  Free Voice Changer and Funny Calls & free voice changer. Try and register and login an android app that allow you to alter your voice during a live call or otherwise. Imaging that you are talking  to your friend with a female voice while you are a guy... that hilarious. Not only that, it also  enable  you to change your voice to male, female robot etc. while the other enable  you to change and alter your voice with an array of different effects  [ Tunnel , male , female  , female, child ] that can be combined together. You can save your altered voice, send it as an e-mail to your friends and even use it as a ringtone once you are ok.

Where to Download Any of This Application?

=>Visit Google play store to download this application

=> Run the downloaded app  and install any of it on your android device.

Then adhere to every other instruction to start using funny call or free voice app or funny call on Android platform

Sunday, 24 November 2013

9ice will get married soon to the mother of his twins

 9ice welcomed a set of twin daughters with  Vicki Gordis shortly after his marriage to Toni Payne his ex wife crashed in 2010
In a recent interview , 9ice revealed that he will get married soon to Vicki [ the mother of his twins ].
See the interview he had with Punch  below:
Punch :Do we see you getting married to their mother soon?
9ice : I will get married soon. It is very possible.
Punch : So, will you be getting married to the mother of the twins?
9ice : It is very possible.
Punch :But is she the one you are with at the moment?
9ice : I am not saying anything with respect to that , so no comment.
Punch : What of your first son?
9ice : My son  is very fine and he is in America at the moment with his mother.Nigerian  Education system  is good  but we wanted him to have  a higher quality of education. He had to go since  his mum decided to go back to America.
Punch : Do you communicate with them often?
9ice : Oh yes, I was even in America last month.
Punch : How involved are you in his welfare?
9ice : I have never been left out. I have always been involved in my son's  welfare right from the day he was born till now. It will continue  like that till I give up.
Punch : You have not really talked about your marriage with Tony Payne?
News is always about gossips , rumours and  assumptions  so the news  media has already stolen the show from me. I have nothing to utter about again. I was part of the crowd and  I was watching as the news went on air.
Punch : Do you regret that marriage?
9ice : I do not. I have never regretted that marriage because I have so many reasons.
Punch : What are the reasons?
9ice : It is not only because of my son. I will not be here today without that  marriage. I see life from a different perspective now. There are things that are unavoidable. So, many events are bound to occur in life and there is nothing you can do about it. You have to face it when such things happen. You only have to manage it when it occur and  you move ahead from there. You will never go to the next level if you do not move ahead from that situation
Punch : Is it likely you will get out of the marriage institution when you go into it again?
9ice : I pray I don’t. I always opined  that marriage is not for this generation and a lot of people  usually question me whenever i say that statement. My mother would always be at home by 5.30 pm whether my dad gave her  money for food  or not and  there must be food on the table when he got home. Whether my father gave my mother money or not , she would give us school fees. But women of nowadays , the wife can come home later than 10pm even when the husband is at home  and nothing would happen.  Instead of cooking , she would even stop by the eatery and buy dinner . ***The principles God lay down for this institution is not there again***. What we  have now is **manage institution**. So, we should manage any situation we find ourselves in and then there won’t be any trouble. Now, how many marriages last? Everybody is talking about it because it is 9ice's marriage. Check your neighbour,  It happens everywhere.
• Punch :Why did you deny you had twins when they were born?
I did say I did not have twins then because I believe it was personal. If I have one million [ N1m ] , I think it is only my account’s officer that should know how much I have. In fact, he does not  have the right to check my account unless I ask him to do that. He could not just login to my account details and start checking how much I have.  We are talking about car here , but  human beings.
•Punch :But when they grow up, do you think they will forgive you when they read that you once denied them?
I will tell  the reason I did that to them. This  was the same way my father explained his own reasons to me. I did not know my father until I was 22 years old. I got to know my mother when I was 18 years old. They gave me their reasons for doing what they did. I asked my father where he was during  the time I was growing up and he told me   how  , where and when he was a part of my life.  I would  explain to my kids when they grow up to ask me why i denied them initially..  I did not deny that i do not have  kids just because I wanted to lie, No. I had my reasons for acting like that. I had my life to live.
•    Punch : You are in showbiz, so you shouldn’t expect to have a private life…
9ice : But there are still some elements that are personal to me. I did not fight anybody when the stories came out. I  did not say anything because I was not ready to talk about it. I was not ready to talk about the story. I even shared the pictures of the twins when i got ready. Who knows, I could have even used their pictures to make money and sell to a publication that wanted them. But rather ,  I just released the pictures''.

Dr Ngozi Okonjo Iweala appealed to ASUU to suspend strike

Nigerian Minister of Finance [ Dr Ngozi Okonjo Iweala  ] has appealed to  the striking  Academic Staff Union of Universities [ ASUU ] to end their  five [ 5 ] month old industrial action.
The minister revealed this  at the Oduduwa University where she was conferred with a Honourary Degree in Accounting.
She said, “I am appealing to striking lecturers [ASUU] to call off the strike in the interest of the students. The Federal government, on its part, is committed to solve the rot in the sector of Education. The Federal Government has meet most of the demands made by ASUU.
“Federal Government has set aside Two hundred and twenty billion [N220bn] yearly for the tertiary institutions development in the country. This is part of steps by the President Jonathan administration to develop the education sector.”
Meanwhile ASUU is expected to reveal the decision reached at its NEC in Kano on Saturday to President Jonathan on Monday.
Information that leaked to reporters depict that the striking  Union may not call of the strike after all as certain sections of the group are calling for increased compensation and increased allowances.

Saturday, 23 November 2013

Tiwa and Teebillz wedding pictures

Tiwa  savage and Teebillz did their wedding yesterday [ 23rd of November, 2013].. It was a splended day for the duo as popular celebrities, artists attended the gigantic wedding ceremony. Check out the following pictures of the newly couple and popular celebrities that attended the wedding..

Tiwa savage and her Husband

Tiwa Savage got married to Tee Billz today in Lagos south west Nigeria. The wedding is graced by friends from the music industry and away. The management of Nairacity  wish you a  happy married life.
More picture :   Tiwa savage picture

Funke Akindele also attended this fabulous wedding ceremony
The tradition wedding ceremony pictures of tiwa savage
More pictures of the traditional wedding ceremony :

more pictures :
Addedum pictures :

Accounting officer job vacancy opportunity at russlesmith Group

RusselSmith Group is a company established for the purpose  of  servicing the needs of the global Oil and Gas exploration and production industry utilizing Rope Access Technology as primary means of access.

RusselSmith is   recruiting to fill the below position of:

Job vacancy Position: Accounts Officer

Job Reference Code: RS-FD-01

Job Location: Lagos

Job Functions summary
Should be responsible for receiving and matching invoices, account coding, preparation of disbursements and accounts payable related record keeping.

Job experience Required
A university degree in accounting preferred and should have   related accounting experience of 1-2 years.

Job skills & Qualifications Required
* Good skills in communication
*Possess the ability to work well with people is essential.
*Strong skills in quantitative such as analysis skills and statistics
*Good organizational reasoning skills, multi-tasking skills and reasoning skills
An excellent analytical and data analysis skills
*Exhibits flexibility, responsibility and initiative.
*Ability to approach towards assignments, maintain flexible attitude and successfully operate under guidelines.
*  Work knowledge of regulatory bodies  that relate to general business financial conditions, taxes and payroll.
* Proficient in the use of MS Office software – Excel , Word.
Must have an  intermediate knowledge of financial systems and familiarity with accounting and spreadsheet applications is required.

Job Responsibilities and  Duties
* Receiving and processing of vendor invoices and internal check requests; maintains open files for purchase orders, packing & slips receive and matches to invoices. Verification of invoices for applicable discounts, extensions, unit pricing, quantity, extensions and applicable discounts.
* Getting approval from appropriate personnel for payment for miscellaneous invoices.
* Coding of invoices with accounting account numbers according to general ledger distribution, determines dates for invoices to be paid and  keys invoices into computerized accounts payable system. *Maintaining an alphabetical open invoice file for unpaid invoices.
*Reviews of  invoices scheduled for payment and a special check request with Chief Accountant ; prints approved checks; prepare and routes for signature according to check signing authority on a weekly basis.
*Attaching of duplicate copy of checks to original invoices, stamps invoices “Paid” and files in permanent records.
* Printing, verifications and maintenance of accounts payable voucher reports, journals, open/aging reports and disbursement reports
* Receiving and answering of phone calls from vendors or other departments with respect to payment status of invoices.

Application Closing Date :
26th November, 2013

How to Apply to job application :
Interested & Qualified  job Applicants should:
Click here to apply online: 

Friday, 22 November 2013

Massive job vacancy opportunity in Nestel Nigeria Plc, Coplanarc I.C.T Limited and WHYTE CLEON LTD

Vacancy 1 : Company Name : Nestel Nigeria Plc
Job Reference: FSM2013/2014
Job Position: Field Sales Manager
Job location Across Nigeria
 Department: SALES

 Requirement of job Vacancy

* B.Sc Certificate  degree or H.N.D in any discipline  With atleast Second Class Lower or HND Upper Credit).
* Candidate should possess [ 2 -3 ]  Field Sales Management experience in a Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG)   environment.
*Great negotiation & communication  skills.
*Excellent   skills in Computer- Ms.Power point ,  Word, Ms. Excel.
* Prospective job Candidate must be willing to work in any part of Nigeria and  should  possess a valid driver’s license.

Job  application deadline:  Nov 30   2013

 Coplanarc I.C.T Limited Graduate Developer Trainee Vacancy

Coplanarc  I.C.T Limited is recruiting to fill the below job  Vacancy position:

Job Vacancy  Title: Trainee Developer

Job Location: Lagos

Job Description
•    Coplanarc ICT ltd seek fresh enthusiastic developers with a degree in  B.Sc/H.N.D in computer science.
•    Between [1-3 years ] working  experience & with  a good knowledge of PHP/OOP , Jquery , CSS,HTML  [ Knowledge of OOP is an added advantage ].
•    Successful  job  candidates will be placed under probation for a period of three (3) months during which they will be trained.
•    A salary of N40,000 shall  be paid for the first six [ 6 ]months and will be reviewed upon confirmation.
Application Closing Date
27th November, 2013

How to Apply
Interested and qualified candidates should send their CV's to:

Third Vacancy:
Job title :Admin Officers
Job Location and description : There exists opportunities for skilled work in a rapidly expanding fast food eatery in the Amuwo Odofin area of Lagos state.

Candidate must be a female
•         ND / HND holders with atleast a lower credit
•         Experience: ***Not necessarily have work experience in a fast food company***.
•         Must be computer literate
•     Between   1-3 years experience in office administration
•     At least  30 years of age.

Application for job  closes one (1) week from the date of publication of this advert.
How to Apply : Applicant should click here 

Brickwall Invest Group Job opportunity vacancy position

Brickwall Invest Group
Job Industry: Transportation & logistics
Deadline of job vacancy : 1st December , 2013.

Company Profile
We   focused on the transportation sector in Lagos and urgently  in need of staff with experience skills and   knowledge  to drive our visions as follows –
Method of Appliying for job

All resumes/CV should be submitted to: Deadline for job Application closes after three [ 3] weeks of this publication.

Job title : Business development officer
Job Qualification/Experience
H.N.D/ BSc in relevant fields with experience in logistics , transport or  marketing etc…

Job Location: Lagos
Job Experience: 0 year(s)
Course of Study: Not Specified
Required Grade: Not Specified
Job title : Driver
Qualification & Experience of job

Job applicants should  have the  requisite knowledge & experience in driving for atleast  two [ 2 ] years
Job Location: Lagos
Job Experience: 0 year(s)
Course of Study: Not Specified
Required Grade: Not required
Job title : Administrative officer  :
 Qualification and Job experience
H.N.D or  BSc, in relevant fields with experience in Accounting , personnel management or Administration
Job Location: Lagos
Job Experience: 0 year(s)
Course of Study: Not Specified
Required Grade: Not Specified

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

The Top Most Cancer-Causing Foods

The truth is that many common food items have been scientifically shown to enhance the  risk of cancer, and some of them are very significant. The following list depicts the top  most unhealthy foods that causes cancer that you should never eat again:
Top cancer causing foods

 * Hydrogenated oils

Hydrogenated oils are commonly used in the  preservation of processed foods and keep them shelf-stable. But unfortunately , hydrogenated oils distort the  flexibility of cell membranes throughout the body, which can result to a host of debilitating diseases such as cancer. Some producers of oil  are phasing out the production and  use of hydrogenated oils and replacing them with palm oil and other safer subtituite, but trans fats are still widely used in processed foods.

* Processed meats

 Processed meat products  include  lunch meats, bacon, sausage, and hot dogs  and majority of these processed meat contain  preservatives chemical that make them appear  appealing and fresh .  Sodium nitrate & sodium nitrite have been linked to enhance  the risk of colon and other forms of cancer, so you are advised to choose only uncured meat products made without nitrates, and preferably from grass-fed sources.

*  Genetically-modified organisms (GMOs)

It should be noted that  there is have no legitimate place  of GMO's in any cancer-free diet, especially now that both GMOs and the chemicals used to grow them have been depict  to cause rapid  growth of tumor. But GMOs are everywhere, including in most food derivatives made from  canola , soyabeans and conventional corn. However, you can avoid them by sticking with
 locally-grown foods that are produced naturally without biotechnology , certified non GMO verified and certified organic.

*  Microwave popcorn

 The  bags of microwave popcorn are lined with chemicals that are linked to cause  liver, testicular, and pancreatic , liver , testicular  cancers and also infertility.  Perfluorooctanoic acid  [ PFOA ] in microwave popcorn bag linings has been recognized by the United State Environmental Protection Agency [ EPA ]  as “likely” carcinogenic, and several independent studies have linked the chemical to causative factor of  tumors. Similarly, the use of  ''Diacetyl chemical ''  in the popcorn itself is linked to causing both lung cancer  and  damage .

* Soda pop

 Soda pop has been shown to cause cancer as well. Loaded with colouring , food chemicals and  sugar,  soda pop  feed  the body with more acid  and literally feeds cancer cells. Popular soda pop chemicals like caramel color and its derivative **4-methylimidazole** (4-MI) have also specifically been linked to cause cancer.

* ‘Diet’ foods , Beverages
   Diet” soda pop and various other diet beverages and foods also cause cancer.  According to a  recent scientific review issued by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) of over twenty [ 20 ] independent  research studies found that **Aspartame**, one of the most common artificial sweeteners, causes a range of illnesses including cancer &  birth defects .Saccharin ,  Sucralose (Splenda) and  other numerous artificial sweeteners have also been linked as a causative factor  of  cancer.

*  Refined ‘white’ flours

Refined flour is a common  processed foods ingredient , but its excessive content of  carbohydrate  is a serious cause for concern. A study published revealed that regular consumption of refined carbohydrates was linked to a two hundred and twenty  percent [ 220 % ]  increase in breast cancer among women.This publication was made in the Cancer Epidemiology, Mile maker and prevention  journal. Also ,  High-glycemic foods in general have  been shown to rapidly increase the  blood sugar levels in the body, which directly feeds cancer cell growth and spread.

*  Refined sugars

Refined sugars  tend to rapidly spike the levels of  insulin  and feed the growth of cancer cells. For example Fructose-rich sweeteners like high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS) are particularly offensive, as the  cells of cancer have been shown to quickly and easily metabolize them in order to develop. And since cereals , sauces , juices, sodas , pies, cakes ,pies ,sodas cookies, cakes, pies  and many other popular, mostly processed food , food items are loaded with HFCS and other refined sugars, this helps explain why the  rates of cancer are on the rise these days.

* Conventional Grapes ,  Apples  and other ‘dirty’ fruits

Alot of  people  usually think they are eating healthy whenever  they buy and eat  strawberries grapes and apples from the store. They could be a major cancer risk unless these fruits are organic or are verified to free from pesticide. The Environmental Working Group (EWG) found that up to Ninety eight [  98 % ] of all conventional produce, and particularly the type found on its “dirty” fruits list, is contaminated with  pesticides that causes cancer.

*  Farmed salmon
According to Dr. David Carpenter, [  Director of the Institute for Health and the Environment at the University of Albany ] ,
Farmed salmon is another high-risk  food that causes Cancer. According to David Carpenter's  assessment, farmed salmon not only lacks vitamin D, but it is often contaminated with antibiotics , pesticides , flame retardants , carcinogenic chemicals and  Polychlorinated Biphenyls [ PCBs ], flame retardants, pesticides, and antibiotics.

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