Wednesday, 23 October 2013

All you need to know about online survey & freelance Programms

Survey can be thought of as a careful examination of a system, product, etc for the purpose of error correction, improvement of quality, etc For instance, a company might decide to hire you to survey their product or system for them by the use of a questionnaire. Your answer will help the company know if the product is of standard or needs to be improved upon.
There are so many companies online that do such surveys for other companies. You that are interested in undertaking surveys for companies will have to sign up with any of the survey-undertaking companies who always receive survey contracts. As a member of the survey group, some surveys will at times be posted to you via email to process. After completing the survey, you will be paid a stipulated amount. You will have to pay some sign fees to join most survey groups. As I told you free to join programs are mostly not good  because you will not access most benefits , on your own you will not receive surveys until you sign up with a group that is registered and know for such services.
Most survey groups don’t accept membership from Nigeria due to the fraudulent name some Nigerians have given us. But there are still some that allow Nigerians.
Survey normally consists of questions with optional answers to choose from. After completing the questions, a page will display informing you of a successful completion of the survey and to appreciate you on the survey completed.
Here are some survey sites you can sign up with : , , , , , , Visit to get some sites that can accept Nigerians.
                                                DATA ENTRY/FREELANCE PROGRAMS
Data Entry is another lucrative online business one can embark upon on. This business entails entering data or typing data for companies. There are some companies who are overloaded with typing jobs , like typing the content of a web page , filling of forms for search engines optimization , etc. such companies look for people to do the typing for them while they keep on with the technical part of their jobs. You are paid to type a certain number of pages or filling such forms for search engines.
Data Entry jobs are also called freelance jobs, but freelance jobs can go beyond typing or entering of data. In freelance jobs, you the freelancer can be contacted to design a graphical logo for an organization, design a website for someone, write a program to solve a problem, etc. The kind of job you will be given will fall in the class of your expertise which you filled while registering or signing up with them. There are free-to-sign-up Data Entry/freelance sites and there are paid-to-sign up ones. If you want to be given much jobs to process make sure you don’t go for free-to-sign up ones. Most paid to-sign up sites charge like [$5.00] to register except for some high class sites that demand for higher fees. As a beginner don’t go for ones that will demand more than $5.00 fee to sign up, until you have been able to prove them satisfactory. Below are some websites that offer data entry/freelance programs : , , , , , , ,

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