Sunday, 20 October 2013

The benefit of Internet to Education

In this world of rapid growth , through high technological advancement  , the internet has been able to help the educational aspect of life. One can fully go through schooling processes online . There are so many programs [ Educational ] you can study online , You enroll online , study online after which you graduate as a real graduate. Your certificates are shipped to you in your country.
In the aspect of studying , there are a thousand and one tutorials you can access online to study any course or subject you desire. The internet has linked the spacious gab between all nations and continents. You can study abroad without leaving your country.
I see the internet as a worldwide library where you can get books or materials on any subject to study. There is no longer excuse of ‘ I don’t have textbook to study’. You don’t have textbook, go online.
To get free materials or free books to study online , just use one of the search engines to search. Google is used by most students. In google search box, just type the topic you want to study on and click search. Google will display so many links to websites where you can study on that topic. Assuming you want to study on ‘’ BACTERIA ‘’ , you can use this topic to search : Type ‘’free tuitorials on bacteria ‘’ . This  topic is very targeted. Google will in no time display links for you to choose from
Mind you , even if you have the textbooks  still make sure you study online to have wider view on the particular subject.

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