Saturday, 5 October 2013

How to root your android phones

First and Foremost what is the meaning of rooting ?
Rooting your mobile  phone simply means giving yourself root, or superuser  access, giving your mobile device access to system files and the ability to change things that normally are marked read only

Thus Rooting allows you to change all kinds of things that normally you wouldn't be able to, along with install custom versions of Android.

Follow these steps for you to be able to root your android platform
1. You need a system i.e  A desktop or laptop.
2.An internet data Bundle for you to download file which is about 30mb.
3.A Usb cable
Note : The least grade should be  any 4.o Android Phone.
WARNING AND TERMS OF CONDITIONS :  This is not application but rather its a tricks, therefore the management of nairacity site will not be liable  for any damages or problems your device encounters.

* First and Foremost ,  Download any android Debugging app that will allow you install android driver and let your mobile  phone connect with your system i.e pc, apps like   OR  download this used for multipurpose like moving all apps to SD

Download this file

** The next step is the  Installation of  the Debugging app and when it prompts you to plug you phone,do it quickly and make sure the drivers is installed. If that is well done close the App on your pc if that is well done.

 Now Open the root with Restore you downloaded extract it to any folder in your pc .
The Runme.bat file must be run and  a command prompt window will open
 PRESS 1 when it prompts for an option and it will continue to execute the task.
Then after that another window will open in your phone ***PLEASE ENTER YOUR DEVICE ENCRYPTION PASSWORD BELOW****. Ignore it when you see the above bolded statement and click *RESTORE MY DATA below and wait for the process to finish. Your device  will then restart, and if you see the SUPER SU icon on your apps drawer it means that you had successfully rooted your phone.

NOTE :  If you want to learn more , click or copy and paste the link beside

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