Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Android application that will change your voice

One of the advantages of using an Android Phone is that you can install any Application of your choice. For this post, we will lecture you by explain to you on some simple application that you will download and install on your android phone device that can change your voice to the opposite gender [i.e. from a Male voice to a Female voice and vice versa].

There are two applications  that works almost the same which includes  Free Voice Changer and Funny Calls & free voice changer. Try and register and login an android app that allow you to alter your voice during a live call or otherwise. Imaging that you are talking  to your friend with a female voice while you are a guy... that hilarious. Not only that, it also  enable  you to change your voice to male, female robot etc. while the other enable  you to change and alter your voice with an array of different effects  [ Tunnel , male , female  , female, child ] that can be combined together. You can save your altered voice, send it as an e-mail to your friends and even use it as a ringtone once you are ok.

Where to Download Any of This Application?

=>Visit Google play store to download this application

=> Run the downloaded app  and install any of it on your android device.

Then adhere to every other instruction to start using funny call or free voice app or funny call on Android platform


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