Sunday, 24 November 2013

9ice will get married soon to the mother of his twins

 9ice welcomed a set of twin daughters with  Vicki Gordis shortly after his marriage to Toni Payne his ex wife crashed in 2010
In a recent interview , 9ice revealed that he will get married soon to Vicki [ the mother of his twins ].
See the interview he had with Punch  below:
Punch :Do we see you getting married to their mother soon?
9ice : I will get married soon. It is very possible.
Punch : So, will you be getting married to the mother of the twins?
9ice : It is very possible.
Punch :But is she the one you are with at the moment?
9ice : I am not saying anything with respect to that , so no comment.
Punch : What of your first son?
9ice : My son  is very fine and he is in America at the moment with his mother.Nigerian  Education system  is good  but we wanted him to have  a higher quality of education. He had to go since  his mum decided to go back to America.
Punch : Do you communicate with them often?
9ice : Oh yes, I was even in America last month.
Punch : How involved are you in his welfare?
9ice : I have never been left out. I have always been involved in my son's  welfare right from the day he was born till now. It will continue  like that till I give up.
Punch : You have not really talked about your marriage with Tony Payne?
News is always about gossips , rumours and  assumptions  so the news  media has already stolen the show from me. I have nothing to utter about again. I was part of the crowd and  I was watching as the news went on air.
Punch : Do you regret that marriage?
9ice : I do not. I have never regretted that marriage because I have so many reasons.
Punch : What are the reasons?
9ice : It is not only because of my son. I will not be here today without that  marriage. I see life from a different perspective now. There are things that are unavoidable. So, many events are bound to occur in life and there is nothing you can do about it. You have to face it when such things happen. You only have to manage it when it occur and  you move ahead from there. You will never go to the next level if you do not move ahead from that situation
Punch : Is it likely you will get out of the marriage institution when you go into it again?
9ice : I pray I don’t. I always opined  that marriage is not for this generation and a lot of people  usually question me whenever i say that statement. My mother would always be at home by 5.30 pm whether my dad gave her  money for food  or not and  there must be food on the table when he got home. Whether my father gave my mother money or not , she would give us school fees. But women of nowadays , the wife can come home later than 10pm even when the husband is at home  and nothing would happen.  Instead of cooking , she would even stop by the eatery and buy dinner . ***The principles God lay down for this institution is not there again***. What we  have now is **manage institution**. So, we should manage any situation we find ourselves in and then there won’t be any trouble. Now, how many marriages last? Everybody is talking about it because it is 9ice's marriage. Check your neighbour,  It happens everywhere.
• Punch :Why did you deny you had twins when they were born?
I did say I did not have twins then because I believe it was personal. If I have one million [ N1m ] , I think it is only my account’s officer that should know how much I have. In fact, he does not  have the right to check my account unless I ask him to do that. He could not just login to my account details and start checking how much I have.  We are talking about car here , but  human beings.
•Punch :But when they grow up, do you think they will forgive you when they read that you once denied them?
I will tell  the reason I did that to them. This  was the same way my father explained his own reasons to me. I did not know my father until I was 22 years old. I got to know my mother when I was 18 years old. They gave me their reasons for doing what they did. I asked my father where he was during  the time I was growing up and he told me   how  , where and when he was a part of my life.  I would  explain to my kids when they grow up to ask me why i denied them initially..  I did not deny that i do not have  kids just because I wanted to lie, No. I had my reasons for acting like that. I had my life to live.
•    Punch : You are in showbiz, so you shouldn’t expect to have a private life…
9ice : But there are still some elements that are personal to me. I did not fight anybody when the stories came out. I  did not say anything because I was not ready to talk about it. I was not ready to talk about the story. I even shared the pictures of the twins when i got ready. Who knows, I could have even used their pictures to make money and sell to a publication that wanted them. But rather ,  I just released the pictures''.

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